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    After approval, just sign the relevant documents and the cash will be disbursed to you!

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  • Singapore Reputable and Reliable Licensed Money Lender

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  • Uniqcash Pte. Ltd. is a legal and licensed money lending company in Singapore, registered under the Ministry of Law and operating in Chinatown. We provide numerous customised financing solutions to individuals who are in need of cash.

    We understand that each borrower’s needs are unique and that is why, you can count on us to tailor your loan application to your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and low interest rates when it comes to quick financing. Our helpful loan officers are always ready should you have any queries regarding our services.

What Our Customers Love About Us

Good & Friendly services! Shout out to Keith for his great assistance!
Best experience with Uniqcash today. Jon assisted me with a loan professionally and explained all the details clearly to me. Their rate is better compared to others. I am glad that I made the right choice with Uniqcash.
Keith and colleagues are friendly. Can chit chat with them. Loan rates are reasonable. And repayments can be flexible like in 3 or 4 months kind. Will recommend this to friends if in need of cash to tide over something 👍🏻

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